Once we have obtained the best image file and have printed it in high quality, we have to choose the most suitable frame: traditional canvas, light-weight panel, aluminium sheet or Dibond, Diasec (face-mounted on acrylic sheet), Forex, foam… The choice, personalised and customised, always depends on the chosen material.

We can use

  • Wood frames. We manufacture wood frames and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or melamine structures to mount works printed on photo paper, canvas, fabric…Images can be face-mounted and bonded to acrylic glass with an ultra-transparent gel silicone sealant which acts as a glue (Diasec panels).
  • PVC. Forex PVC foam board is a mouldable material that is available in a range of thicknesses.
  • Foamcore. There are many versions of this classic and practical lightweight material, such as Kapa and Kapamount.
  • Laminated finishing. Laminated film is appropriate for protection of photographic prints and results can be obtained in matt, glossy, sand, soil and anti-graffiti finishings.
  • Silicone sealants. Ultra-transparent gel silicone sealant is the most suitable adhesive for mounting prints on glass, acrylic glass or Duratrans. Silicone sealants guarantee maximum preservation.
  • Aluminium frames. An aluminium frame is a simple and perfect way to give a modern touch, as well as protection and beauty, to any photograph.
  • Light boxes. We manufacture and assemble light boxes with materials suitable for backlight: backlit canvas or Panaflex, Duratrans, acrylic glass (including opaque acrylic glass), vinyl… Light boxes attract attention and are valued for their advertising functionality.
  • Light-weight panel. With a similar appearance to melamine but lighter in weight, it is a robust, economical option for mounting photo prints.
  • Packing crates. For safe transport and to protect and preserve works in the best way, we produce our own high-resistant packaging in wood. Handles, castor wheels, interior dividers or anything that facilitates their storage and transport can be added to our packing crates.