Until recently, offset printing has been the method usually employed because it was still superior, in some respects, to the emerging digital printing methods. Currently, digital printing technology has evolved in such a way that its output quality is getting very close to that of the results obtained with analogue printing methods, an improvement that adds to the characteristic advantages of the digital process.

Impresión digital vs Offset Ventajas

Advantages of digital printing over offset printing
At Sabaté, we are leaders in techniques and equipment, so we can print on both rigid and flexible materials in any size, obtaining high quality results.
Digital printing is:

  • Quicker: It allows for short turnaround times
  • More precise: Copies are identical, without variations
  • More sustainable: It produces less waste

¿Qué es la impresión digital? Comunicación visual

It also allows easy transmission of graphic design projects, offering great possibilities as it allows for unlimited sizes and media (paper, wood, fabric, metal, plastics…).
Given its multiple applications, it is used in fine art printing (gliclée printing, very high quality copies…), advertising (signs, banners, posters…), photography (photo retouching, colour corrections…) and architecture and interior design (printed wall displays, decorative graphics…).