We were chosen by Hewlett Packard to test this machine, the first in the world. Thus we discovered its infinite possibilities and immense production capacity providing the highest quality, so we could not resist incorporating it as part of our machinery. Being a partner of Hewlett Packard requires having certain certifications and meeting stringent technical requirements, but it also means we can offer our customers additional guarantees, provided with the support and reliability of a global supplier. HP Latex 3000.  The new HP technology is a system of ecological and sustainable printing, with fully biodegradable and odourless eco-solvent inks (water-based and solvent-free), also improving the quality of the workspace. This technology allows for photo-quality printing, free of plot and point and with a wide colorimetric spectrum when working with Hexachrome, at a maximum width of 320 cm. In addition, these inks anchor in materials for outdoor use and fabrics without specific treatment.

Impresión digital Látex Hp Barcelona

Sabaté was the first Spanish/European company to acquire the HP Latex 3000, an imposing machine whose high production capacity allows for very competitive prices as it is suitable for runs that were not feasible using previous digital printers. Although it also supports customisations and runs of a single print without increasing costs. And all of this with a minimum impact on the environment.