¿What is Re-Board?

Re-board is a type of paperboard with a similar resistance to that of wood. Its design consists of a patented sandwiched fluted core that creates an ultra-light product with excellent qualities. In its basic form, it has good planar flatness and provides thermal and acoustic insulation, and protection from different environmental conditions. It is durable, environmentally friendly and can be recycled just like paper.

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Benefits of Re-Board

1. It is ultra-light

  • Easy to install and transport
  • It can be stored and reused
  • It saves money on transport and labour
  • Re-board is basically paperboard, and it offers the same features as cardboard in terms of lightness and mobility.

2. Strength and resistance

  • It can withstand up to 70 kg per square centimetre.
  • Its sandwich-type manufacturing makes it a material with a similar resistance to that of wood.
  • This provides excellent stability to point-of-sale displays and booths made of Re-board.

3. Water resistant

  • Structures can be placed outdoors ensuring complete waterproofing.
  • An embedded moisture barrier protects the core and the physical properties remain unchanged in humid conditions.

4. Fire retardant

  • Fire-retardant Re-board can be made to order. It is rated Euroclass C-s1,d0, so it can be used in art exhibitions and trade fairs. It is also suitable for interior decoration and furniture.

5. Environmentally friendly

  • Re-board is a 100 % recyclableTransformación Corte CNC Cartón Re-Board
  • No environmentally-harmful product is added to the paperboard during manufacture.
  • For its manufacture, 4 times less wood is used than for the manufacture of chipboard or MDF.
  • Large companies want to use recyclable materials for their promotional campaigns, and these products are becoming more prevalent in sectors like interior decoration.

6. It is machinable

  • By cutting, creasing and folding, it is possible to give Re-board any shape we want.
  • You can make complete projects with a single material.
  • Design limitations in the designer’s mind, not in the material.

7. Perfect surface for prints

  • Its 2 faces are perfectly flat and are covered with a special white coated paper for printing.
  • The surface of Re-Board enables photo-quality printing.

8. Easy to assemble

  • Easy to mount. Retail shop employees are able to mount the structures by themselves.
  • No skilled labour is required for assembly of structures.
  • No equipment is needed for assembly or disassembly, unlike structures made of more durable materials.

9. Cost saving

  • Its features make it an ideal material for storage, transport and subsequent distribution, significantly reducing costs in all processes.

Since 2011, Sabaté Barcelona has been an APPROVED RE-BOARD PRINTER. Re-board is the most suitable material for advertising point-of-sale projects, promotional furniture, displays… It fits any visual communication project. This recycled paperboard sandwich format allows for creating resistant structures in 3D for interior design, window dressing, advertising point-of-sale campaigns or any other element of communication. This type of paperboard is waterproof, fireproof, supports up to 70 kg per cm² and, as all paperboard, is extremely light. Printing, always customized to customers’ choice (photographs, prints, corporate images or logos …), is done with a state-of-the-art printer. What type of projects is this material suitable for? Here are some ideas: –Customised furniture.Trade fair booths, walls and customised displays. –PLV premium in short runs. We guarantee complete logistical efficiency and, at Sabaté, we offer  a service of finishes and machining that is unique in Spain.